The Austrian Armed Forces is an indispensable component of the national security of Austria and accordingly has an equally great responsibility to communicate this as well.

As part of a strategic brand process, the communicative image of the Austrian Armed Forces was translated into a new and distinctive word / image brand:

The iconographic power of the insignia is used in conjunction with the term “Our Forces” to create an attentive logo for all channels and applications. The graphic design is derived from the triangular shape of the national emblem and is modernized by the camouflage pattern.

The new claim “Wir schützen Österreich / We protect Austria” emphasizes the anchoring of the Austrian Armed Forces in society.

Several information campaigns communicate the special expertise and competences of the Federal Army for the protection of the population. In addition to national defense, border protection and disaster relief but also less well-known services should be highlighted, such as cyber defense or ordnance disposal.

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