Each day, the average area of a farm in Austria is concreted. If Austria does not react and takes decisive steps, soon there will be no more local food. But even worse, the agricultural value chain also secures 500,000 jobs in our country.

These were enough reason for us to create a campaign that clearly and emotionally points to this malady and starts a change of consciousness. High-impact posters and online measures show the fatal consequences. The message “BODENLOS MACHT ARBEITSLOS” (“BOTTOMLESS MAKES UNEMPLOYED”) calls on political decision makers in the form of an open letter to stop land consumption.

10,000 Austrians have signed the open letter at www.bodenlos-arbeitslos.at and actively campaigned for soil protection. Numerous prominent personalities such as actor and organic farmer Tobias Moretti made themselves strongly opposed to this misguided development with their signature and made the campaign a great success.

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