KOBZA AND THE HUNGRY EYES (KTHE) combines design, tradition and modernity in the new appearance of the traditional Viennese carpet house Rahimi & Rahimi.

Rahimi & Rahimi has been a pioneer in the carpet trade for generations and, in addition to antique unique pieces, also offers designs by the fashion greats Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Jan Kath and Paul Smith. In order to make this combination of tradition and modernity visible and perceptible in the corporate identity, Rahimi & Rahimi commissioned the creative agency KOBZA AND THE HUNGRY EYES (KTHE) with the re-branding and the new appearance of the brand Rahimi & Rahimi.

The focus of communication is the new logo, which as an integrated element in the headlines of the advertisements is inseparably linked to the name Rahimi & Rahimi. Carpets are more than just floor coverings. Each knot, each row, each pattern tells its own story.

“With KOBZA AND THE HUNGRY EYES we have found the ideal partner for our brand, who understands as well as we do that a carpet is not a simple piece of furniture, but a product with an eventful history. A story that goes back thousands of years to the nomads and is continued within our own four walls”, says KR Mag. Ali Rahimi.

About Rahimi & Rahimi
Rahimi & Rahimi is one of the most traditional carpet houses in Vienna and offers carpets on three floors and over 2000 m2 sales area in the Palais Szechenyi in the centre of Vienna. In addition to renowned designers, the company also produces its own carpets. The inner city palace also functions as a hub for cultural and social exchange. KR Ali Rahimi is the initiator and member of numerous charitable organisations and, in this capacity, regularly receives national and international cultural, political and scientific grandees such as Bill Clinton, Vivienne Westwood and Ban Ki-moon.

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