KOBZA AND THE HUNGRY EYES (KTHE) with new Corporate Design for the Kobza Media Group.

In order to organize the Group’s numerous entrepreneurial activities, over the summer the Group initiated an internal branding process that expresses the Group’s spirit in a condensed form and at the same time takes into account the diversity of existing corporate brands.

As a result of this process, the new motto “Born to create” was created for the Kobza Media Group, expressing the entrepreneurial and creative potential of the Group. At the same time, the group’s broad fields of activity were divided into two areas: ‘Communications’ and ‘Ventures’.

The ‘Communications’ division, the core of the company, includes the creative agency Kobza and The Hungry Eyes (KTHE), the PR and content agency alpha_z and the moving image agency diego5 studios.
The Ventures division includes the partner-managed companies Bieder & Maier (Vienna Coffee), Darwin’s Circle and Darwin’s Lab (congresses and digital consulting) as well as the media holdings Biber and R9.
Both areas are to be significantly expanded in the coming years and further developed both organically and in partnerships.

“‘Born to create’ is the essence of our work and what it is all about every day: We are creative entrepreneurs who use the power of our ideas and our experience to create something new. Brands, values, moments and stories, as well as new products”. says Rudi Kobza, Managing Director of the Kobza Media Group. “We’re looking forward to everything that will happen with partners over the next few years.”
More Information on www.kobzamedia.com

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