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We break taboos! Every woman knows them – hardly any women like to talk about them: cystitis. Mostly uncomplicated in its course, thank God, the infection robs women of their freedom and light-heartedness for its duration. FEMANNOSE®N is the No. 1 product for the treatment of such inflammations and rightly bears the title of the “most innovative over-the-counter product” in its category.

Thus, FEMANNOSE®N is a real poem against cystitis. We took this idea as the umbrella claim for the communication and transformed the vexing topic of urinary tract infections into a relatable feel-good campaign with the help of rhymes. It reached the target group via online banners, social media ads, point of sale ads and radio spots – and was extremely successful: With 3 golden scalps, it is the most awarded campaign at the Best of Pharma Advertising 2021.

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