From black
to colorful


If dying had a color, which one do we think of first? Black, probably. But why not a spirited red or a peaceful yellow? It’s still life, it’s still us who choose the colors in the end. Taking the brush out of the hand of fear and anger, rethinking, recoloring, turning achromatic into colorful, are the theme and concern of CS Hospiz and the new campaign. If black, by definition, is the absence of color and light, it is the right time to open the windows and give space to the colors, to take the power out of darkness.

Right now. And now yellow. And now red …

We are possible.

It is still a life, even in dying. It is still a right to dignity, to accompaniment and relief from fear and pain. Still the task and concern of CS Hospice to take away the power of darkness. Nothing has changed. Everything has changed. Not the demand, not the idea, but the colors of the campaign. They have unfolded. Took space, joined forces. To show the darkness: Our spectrum, our strength are far from exhausted. To tell the darkness: We are many. We are possible.

With the backing of a particularly successful campaign year, the metamorphosis campaign entered its finale in December 2021. The theme: color. Because dying is a fact. So it’s not the “that” that counts, but the how. How one is accompanied. How is one caught. How is the period filled? With fear and loneliness, gray in gray. Or with courage and accompaniment, in color, as in the hospice.

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