KOBZA AND THE HUNGRY EYES (KTHE) creates new image magazine for the VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP.

To create an image brochure for the largest insurance group in Austria and CEE that clearly illustrates the core messages of the Group with 50 Group companies in 25 countries. KTHE solved this creative task with “25 Colours”.

The core value of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is diversity. Anyone travelling in 25 countries with different brands and over 25,000 employees not only unites many cultures and needs under one roof, they are also diverse and above all one thing: colourful!

From this, KOBZA AND THE HUNGRY EYES (KTHE) created the title and image of VIG’s new image magazine for a broad target group. Under the title “25 Colours” and the motto “25 Countries, One Group, One Magazine”, the magazine developed by KTHE combines exciting and relevant topics of the group. “In exactly 25 short and numbered stories in a fresh design we divided five main topics into main and substories with people, matching facts and closer insights. Our motto was “inform and guide me, hype and entertain me” , explains Rudi Kobza, Managing Director of KTHE.

The client’s aim was to have a magazine that would also bring the essential features of the international insurance group closer to a haptic level. “Every company strives to draw attention to its USP, its essential advantages in comparison with other companies in the industry. With “25 Colours”, KTHE has succeeded in emphasising what we are particularly proud of and actually live for on a daily basis: our great diversity. But I also particularly like the visually very appealing implementation of the individual chapters”, says Wolfgang Haas, Head of the VIG Corporate Communications & Marketing Department.


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